For tsss tapes’ releases I contact artists whose work I admire and I propose them to work with the label. There are many artists I like – some of them I have already contacted, some others I will write to soon, and as of today (April 2020) release schedule is full until the end of 2021. So this does not leave much space for demos.

If you want to send your music anyway, please:

-Be polite, write a nice email and tell me who you are, how you recorded the demo and any other relevant information on the music. If you simply write “Hi, this is my last album and I am looking for a label to release it” I will assume you put the same care and love in your music as you do in writing emails and I will not even listen.

-Send a Soundcloud private streaming link of the finished album: mixed, mastered and ready to go to factory to be pressed on tape.

-I like to release 25/30 minute-long tapes, so please do not send anything longer than that.

-I will write back after I have listened. In the unlikely event that I really love what you do I will find a way to release it no matter the schedule, if I don’t like it I will not write lies like “Your music is great but our schedule is full” or stuff like that. I will simply tell you “I don’t like it”, please don’t take it personally.

-Please no loud stuff, no solo percussion, no free jazz duos, no composers, no ambient, no drone, and please please please no ambient/drone.

-If you recorded something during the lockdown, please do not send it. Christian said this better: “also maybe there is no need to have a musical response instantly to anything that happens.”